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bruiloft dj naar wedding djLooking for a Wedding DJ for the night of your life ?  All Star Entertainment delivers when it comes to an fabulous Wedding Disco Show. Wonderful lights and  superb sound on each and every wedding.

And of course your favorite music has to be part of the party. so the expert Wedding DJ will get in touch with you personally to make sure your tunes will also be played on the Big Night. A unique Wedding Party like this is what everyone wants !

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  • A fabulous wedding guaranteed
  • Always your favorite music
  • So many possibilities
  • Wonderful lights and sound
  • Personal touch with clear advice
  • 100% DJ-play Guarantee


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Basis Bruiloft DJ Show

€ 495,-

5 uur DJ

Standaard Geluidsinstallatie


Eenvoudige Lichtshow

Premium Bruiloft DJ Show 

€ 795,-

5 uur DJ

Witte Geluidsinstallatie


Uitgebreide Lichtshow



Deluxe Bruiloft DJ Show 

€ 1.395,-

5 uur DJ



Extra Uplighting

6x4 Verlichte Dansvloer


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Beste Bluiloft DJ Show

10 Frequently asked questions about the Wedding DJ Show:

A Bridal DJ from All Star Entertainment means a professional Wedding DJ with an extensive knowledge of music adjusted to your taste in music. The All Star Entertainment’s Wedding DJ’s play in the entire country on various parties.

Several Wedding DJ’s can be booked here at All Star Entertainment. Of course you can choose from DJ’s that are well-known nationally, but  All Star Entertainment prefers to deliver the DJ themselves. For years and years this is a succesful recipe.

You can book a DJ in the entire country. All Star Entertainment has a national netwerk of colleagues, so it is possible to have an appropriate DJ on every location in The Netherlands.

The sooner you book a Wedding DJ, the better. Especially in the popular wedding season, Spring and Summer, it is wise to book the DJ in advance. During weekdays however, discounts are highly possible, but again it is wise to get in touch in advance. Contact through email and WhatsApp is a good way and even by telephone you get an immediate reply. A wedding knows adjustments right till the very day, so when the time has come, everyone feels familiar with the planning.

A standard Wedding Party lasts 4 or 5 hours, but a DJ from All Star Entertainment can also play during the wedding reception, e.g. Lounge or Bossa Nova.

The Wedding DJ plays generally plays a wide range of music. Weddings require the DJ to play ‘Allround’, but the wishes of the couple-to-be are equally important. They will be asked to provide a small list of what to play án what absolutely not to play.
On the night itself it is not wise to allow everyone to ask for requests. There is always one uncle that tries to domitate the party with lots of requests. Best is to channel this via your MC. The Wedding DJ adjusts to the crowd and brings out the best of all music possible. Anouncements can be made with the available microphone, but it is not custom anymore that the DJ works the crowd with shouting superfluous words. The 80’s are over.

The simple basic Wedding DJ Show can be ready within the hour. The more extensive the show, the more time it costs. Most of the time it is best to calculate 2 hours, just to be sure,

The Wedding DJ can play on almost every location, inside and outside. Only condition is that the equipment (and the DJ himself) must be dry and out of the burning sun. Practically the DJ Show needs more than 1 electricity-points. Best is that the DJ meets the couple on the very location to discuss their wishes ánd the practical possibilities. All Star Entertainment has all needed equipment, but the one time that there are different wishes, they can call on their network of DJ’s and suppliers. So, anything is possible.

A standard Wedding DJ Show can be extended with different possiblities. One can think of an illuminated dancefloor, extra moving lights, extra mirror balls with lights and lasers. Also maybe a Lowfog machine for the Opening Dance, Indoor Fireworks, like Sparklers or Streamers and Confettishooters.
Another popular option is a Sax-player, violin-player or percussionist together with the DJ. It is easy for these artists top plug in in the sound-equipment, already there. A performnce of a singer can also be arranged, but this is the one exception that a different sound-system is needed. Of course All Star Entertainment can provide this as well.

The Wedding DJ is to be booked here at All Star Entertainment.
All Star Entertainment can be reached every day till midnight on national telephonenumber 0031(0) 85 0640614 or Amsterdam 0031(0)20 6440929. Email:
It is also possible to contact via the website or the Facebook-page. Plus Whatsapp on mobile number 0031(0)6 54691387

Bruiloft DJ Show

Bruiloft DJ Dans

A professional Wedding DJ feels the vibe

Look no further than All Star Entertainment when you’re looking for a professional DJ for your wedding. Besides the DJ, we guarantee a Wedding Party with professional  equipment and look. Always all your guetsts in a great mood wih a Bridal DJ from All Star Entertainment. And you get the 100% DJ-Play Guarantee, i.e. even IF the Wedding DJ can’t make it due to unforseen circumstances, you immediately get a similar DJ that knows all your wishes and demands. So the party will go on !
Looking for inspiration for your wedding ? On this page you find tips and info from the party planners.

Professionele Bruiloft DJ

Booked the Wedding DJ? Check out the Illuminated Led Dancefloors!

In the short video the names of the wedding couple are programmed into the dancefloor. The dancefloor is 4x6m and can create all clours imaginable. This dancefloor is for hire to be the sensational centrepiece on your wedding party.

Tip: when you choose for an illuminated dancefloor, it is wise to not put to many extra lights in the room. Backlight deminishes the effect of the floor. When you would like to have more information on the dancefloors, ask for the possibilities.

There is a perfect dancefloor for everyone. Possibly extra visuals give your Wedding Party that personal touch.
Would you like to have certain visuals in front of or behind the DJ-booth, mention this in the intake and, if technically possible,  we make your wishes come true.  Also your photos and/or videos made during the day can be projected on a screen.

The Led illuminated Dance Floor for hire

namen in geprogrammeerd in een dansvloer

Click to see a clip of names in the floor

Always the same contactperson for your Wedding DJ Show

From the very first intake you will have contact with the same person to keep everything as personal as possible. That is easy for you and feels comfortable. this way you only have to explain your wishes and/or demands just 1 time only. The DJ is flexible anyway, so he can help you with questions about the equipment and of course he can assist you with questions or ideas about the music.

Key is that you tell us about your guests and what kind of music you would like to have the focus on.
Stories about the costs of a Wedding DJ that are suddenly way higher than planned are not to be expected here.
For every wedding there is an appropraite Wedding DJ Show. And after everyhing is talked through, the price is fixed.
Check out the Facebookpage for more activities of All Star Entertainment.

Many happy couples have preceeded you; this can be seen on the profile of the Wedding DJ on Google+.
In an independent survey this Wedding DJ is chosen as the best of The Netherland by lots of newlyweds.

Bruiloft DJ Show met uplighting voor huwelijksfeest
Uplighting creates a chique and festive ambiance

Uplighting makes everything look better

So you picked the venue and the DJ for uour wedding party. Now you have to talk design. In a modern or industrial space the ambiance can be enhanced by placing wireless spotlights to create a vertical column of light. This effect is called ”Uplighting”. The colour of this light is whatever you desire. Depending on the atmosphere and/or your mood it might be nice to have the lights change colours gradually. Examples are here:

In a classic or rich ornamented room Uplighting is used to accentuate the wonder fuldetails. Advantage of Uplighting is that it is an ‘indirect light-source’; you hardly look into the light directly. Best option is to combine the Uplighting with moving lights like ‘Moving Heads, scanners and/or a laser. And don’t forget the exterior. Especially in the summer, it is nice to place 2 Uplighting-lights next to the entrance. This is the last image when you and your guests leave the party.

Bruiloft DJ verzorgt ook uplighting op een huwelijksfeest
Wedding DJ Show with uplighting

The Wedding DJ Show with extra artists

The Wedding Disco Show fits in every weddingtheme, but it is It is highly recommended to discuss other wishes concerning extra entertainment in the very first stage of the intake with the DJ. Think of a musician like a Wedding Saxplayer, that plays with The Bridal DJ or a Weddingsinger. Anything is possible. No extra soundsystem is needed when booked together. A Wedding artist  will plug in on the PA-system already there for the Wedding DJ Show.So no need for an extra soundsystem and more important, no double expenses.

If there are any toasts by relatives or friends this also is best to plan from the start. If more than 2 microphones are needed please mention this in an early stage. An if you need a small soundsystem during the daytime, e.g. for the ceremony, no problem there. All Star Entertainment has a second set of speakers. No need for stress on this important day!

Bruiloft DJ met saxofonist op een huwelijksfeest

The professional Wedding DJ knows what a successful party needs

With the professional Bridal DJ Show your wedding day will be even more a day to remember. Do not make a mistake to ask the kid from nextdoor or the DJ from the local pub. No crowd is that diverse as a wedding crowd. Many ages are present at a wedding party, but they have 1 thing in common: To Party !  That is why a true DJ for your wedding, like allround DJ Gutxi ! has a mega collection of available music.

Successful party guaranteed with the Wedding DJ!

Together with the newly weds – that is you ! – the Bridal DJ  will speak with you  at length about what to play and probably even more important, what NOT to play. Your invites will be more than pleasantly surprised by the music on your party, i.e exactly as you had in mind. The Wedding DJ Show is perfectly adjusted to your wishes.

Every detail will be talked through. Experience and knowledge of the Wedding DJ create the perfect mix of music. Each and every Bridal DJ Show has a professional, stylish and festive look.

Bruiloft DJ show voor huwelijksfeest op een bruiloft

Personal advice and how to book the Wedding DJ

Fill in the contactform on this page, send a Whatsapp or just make a phonecall to get information about all possibilities accoring to your wishes. For an unforgettable wedding party !

For a look at many Google references from happy couples, check the reviews here.

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